Sharks in the Dark


As the sun sets over the Great Barrier Reef, the sharks come out to play! Our exclusive Sharks in the Dark dive experience is a real highlight among divers and spectators alike.

See a variety of reef sharks on your after dinner scuba dive, or if you prefer, watch them from the comfort of our vessel as they pass through the soft light we cast. You’ll be enthralled as these inquisitive and friendly creatures swim near our overnight vessel.

Diving with sharks is a safe but exhilarating activity, so why not add it to your Cairns overnight scuba experience must-do list? Specialty night diving experiences like Sharks in the Dark make your dive adventure that much more memorable.

Aboard our liveaboard vessel OceanQuest, diving after dark is a great opportunity to see the reef in a very different way. So many colourful fish species and corals can be spotted beneath the surface by torchlight as you dive through their hideaways. You could sit on board and relax after a day full of diving… or opt for even more adventure!

Only certified divers are permitted in the water after dark – but if you’re not a diver, you can still join in the fun by watching from on deck. When conditions are calm, snorkellers can grab a mask and peek under the surface from our dive platform and watch the sharks gliding right underneath us.

This exciting experience is available free of charge during your overnight Barrier Reef cruise with Divers Den.

Available on:

OceanQuest liveaboard vessel


45 minutes (approx)
Sharks in the Dark is available at no extra cost

Please note Sharks in the Dark is dependent on weather conditions.