Great Barrier Reef Coral Spawning Expeditions


Don’t miss the opportunity to see coral spawning on the Great Barrier Reef on our special night trips. Once a year, usually just after a full moon in late spring or early summer, all the corals on the reef spawn at once in a dazzling display. 

You’ve probably never thought about how coral reproduces, but the answer is nothing short of spectacular! Millions of tiny cells come shooting out of corals all over the reef in a mass synchronised event, pouring into the water like champagne bubbles and forming a massive pink ‘slick’ that coats the surface.  

This rare and dramatic phenomenon lasts just a couple of nights, after which the tiny baby corals settle down onto the reef and find a place to grow and flourish. 

A nighttime coral spawning dive trip is an unforgettable experience. We offer dedicated Great Barrier Reef coral spawning night trips from Cairns for divers and snorkellers, giving you the chance to see the action and return to Cairns.

During the trip we’ll be serving a range of tasty snacks when boarding, and hot dinner after the first dive to keep you fuelled, including:

  • Lasagna
  • Terriyaki
  • Curry and rice
  • Spaghetti Bolognese
  • Salad and Bread Rolls
  • Tea, coffee and hot chocolate

Vegan/Vegetarian options will be available.




5.30pm - 11pm (check-in 5pm)

Departure/Return Location:

Cairns Marlin Marina


  • Guided Snorkel Sessions
  • Guided Certified Dives (must be certified)
  • Full Dive/snorkel equipment including torches wetsuits
  • Lycra suit and prescription masks
  • Equipment tuition
  • Hot Meal
  • Tea Coffee and hot chocolate
  • Hot freshwater showers

We saw some fantastic spawning activity on our 2023 trips! Dates for 2024 coral spawning trips will be confirmed mid-year, depending on weather and other conditions.



4.30pm - 5pm



Dive #1

6.30pm - 7.30pm

Tea Break

7.30pm - 8pm

Dive #2


Dinner + Depart the Outer Reef


Return to Cairns


Additional info


  • Digital camera hire
  • Soft drinks, alcohol and snacks
  • Quality souvenirs

What to bring

  • Swimsuit and towel
  • Certcard and logbook for certified diving
  • Warm clothing and socks

Medical and Altitude Info

Certified scuba participants must meet medical questionnaire requirements and some conditions or medications may prevent you from diving. These requirements can be found on our Can I Dive? page, and we strongly recommend reviewing before booking.

Currently the rules state that for a single no decompression dive, you should not fly/go to altitude for at least 12 hours, or 18 hours after multiple dives. Divers Den recommends waiting a minimum 24 hours whenever possible. These are guidelines only, there is no guarantee that these recommendations will prevent decompression sickness. There are no current guidelines regarding diving after flying.

Altitude is defined as 300m/1000ft above sea level. This includes going to the Atherton Tablelands (a popular local scenic attraction), so be careful if booking tours to follow your dive trip.