Where We Go

Cairns Dive Sites

Our day trips and overnight experience have the best Cairns dive sites and snorkel locations covered! With moorings and sites at Norman, Saxon and Hastings reefs, we carefully select locations to showcase the widest variety of colourful marine species, coral formations and underwater environments, where the day’s conditions offer the best snorkel and dive experiences.

Norman Reef

Norman Reef, on the very outer edge of the Great Barrier Reef, is renowned for beautiful and diverse corals and coral canyons like Secret Garden and Turtle Bay. It boasts a huge range of fish from reef sharks to anemone fish, cuttlefish and coral trout, as well as parrot and angel fish.

This dive site features cave-dwelling nudibranches and pipefish, razorfish digging themselves into the sand, and reef-embedded bowls with coral contrasting white sand beds. You might even spot the friendly giant Maori wrasse, Wally!

Saxon Reef

Saxon Reef is undoubtedly among the best Great Barrier Reef dive and snorkel sites. Set between Norman and Hastings Reefs, there are calm lagoons ideal for glimpsing fish and corals while snorkelling – as well as the famous Twin Peaks coral ‘mountains’ where a deeper scuba dive offers the chance to spot species like reef sharks, trevally, large cod, and moray eels.

Coral Garden is an amazing network of bommies (coral outcrops) to dive amongst, while the reef’s sloping walls make for a fantastic snorkelling experience with nemos (clownfish), unusual corals and gliding turtles.

Hastings Reef

This is among the best Great Barrier Reef locations for snorkellers and divers of all levels, with very shallow reefs offerings a great snorkelling experience, and large coral bommies to be seen while diving at up to 20 metres at Split Bommie and Stepping Stones.

You’ll be amazed by the sight of clam gardens on a shallow dive at Tustar, while a swim-through dive may take you past species like cod and trout at the reef proper. Corals cover much of this 10 sq km reef and are even seen in its caves. Out on the edges, there are schools of incredible fish species like butterfly fish, damsel fish, plus clams, turtles and small reef sharks.

Port Douglas Dive Sites

Experience the best Port Douglas snorkel and dive sites on the Great Barrier Reef on a Divers Den day trip. Our sites at Agincourt, Opal and St Crispin reefs (part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park) offer the most spectacular variety of fish and corals for snorkelers and divers alike. Each site on your Port Douglas day trip is chosen to make the most of the day’s conditions and visibility for underwater exploration.

Agincourt Reef

The Agincourt reefs are renowned for pristine, clear waters – ideal for viewing some of the Great Barrier Reef’s most colourful marine life. Keep a look out for yellow striped barracuda, lionfish, nemos, turtles, giant clams, Maori wrasse and more. Enjoy peaceful dives in gardens of soft corals, or check out nudibranchs, cod, lionfish and other incredible species at the famous Nursery Bommie – a 30 metre coral column.

Opal Reef

Opal Reef, in the heart of the Coral Sea, is one of the Great Barrier Reef’s more sheltered sites, set in a curve that creates an area of clear water that’s perfect for a snorkelling experience. Snorkellers and divers alike are wowed by rich and diverse corals, vibrant clam species, stingrays on the sandy floors and schools of snapper and bass.

Opal Reef is also famous for the abundant marine life on the reef’s patches of sand, such as sea cucumber and perch, while further below lie eye-catching sweetlip and titan triggerfish.

St Crispin’s Reef

This is one of the less visited reefs and is best known for the beautiful Flower Gardens. Here, corals are abundant and there’s a chance to pass the many dancing feather stars that call it home. You may also encounter parrotfish, wrasse, nudibranchs (strikingly coloured soft molluscs), butterfly fish and crabs.