PADI Master Seal Team


Join the Master Seal Team with 10 more exciting Aquamissions in our pool!

PADI’s Master Seal Team is a continuation of the Seal Team program and is ideal for kids aged 8 and over, or anyone under 15 who’s not ready to dive in open water.

The Master Seal Team program runs over 9 weekly sessions, during which children complete 10 further “Aquamissions”. Each session includes a short briefing and a knowledge session, followed by pool time where children can try out their new skills and play fun underwater games.

  • Creature ID: Learn to identify marine life by name and using hand signals
  • Environmental: Learn how to conduct underwater cleanups
  • Inner Space: Master neutral buoyancy and hovering
  • Navigation: Learn how to set and position and compass while diving and estimate distance underwater
  • Night Diving: Dive at night with a special underwater dive light
  • Safety: Learn how to do a safety check before diving and practise some rescue skills
  • Search and Recovery: Learn how to conduct underwater searches and retrieve lost objects
  • Skin Diving: Become a snorkel expert!
  • Snapshot: Learn how to take great photos with an underwater camera
  • Wreck: Build a “wreck” in the pool and learn how to explore them safely!

After completing these Aquamissions, children will officially be certified members of the PADI Master Seal Team! They’ll receive a certificate and a decal for their logbook. They can also celebrate with a graduation day trip to snorkel the Great Barrier Reef on board AquaQuest! This is included in the course. Family members are welcome to book an accompanying ticket.

You can book the Master Seal Team program separately, or book it together with the Seal Team program using the options below.

What’s Next?

Children aged 10 years or over can become certified scuba divers with a PADI Open Water Course.

Staying Safe

We want to make scuba diving an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone. Here’s how we’ll keep kids safe during our PADI Seal Team sessions:

  • Small group sizes: 2 children to every dive instructor
  • All staff are professional PADI dive instructors and blue card holders (cleared by the Queensland Government to work with children)
  • We encourage parents to stay and watch the session
  • We have a COVID Safe plan in place and are following government safety guidelines
  • All equipment is correctly sized and thoroughly cleaned between uses
  • Medical questionnaire must be filled out before participating (see below)


Each session lasts up to 2 hours


Children must be 8 years or over. Parental approval is required and a medical statement must be filled out (see below). Please note some medical conditions including asthma may prevent your child from diving.

What to Bring:

All you need is your swimsuit and a towel - we'll supply everything else


  • All dive and snorkel gear including wetsuit
  • Tuition from our friendly instructors
  • Graduation day trip to the Great Barrier Reef on board AquaQuest
  • T-shirt
  • PADI Seal Team manual and logbook
  • Official certificate of completion and logbook decal
  • Lots of fun!

Stay tuned for our next Master Seal Team start dates!


Master Seal Team

10 Aquamissions + Frankland Islands Day Trip

Afternoon sessions (Sessions 1-8)

4:30pm: Check in, setup/paperwork

4:45pm: Pool time – Aquamissions

5:15pm: Pool games

6pm: Shower and parent pick up


Night session (Session 9)

6pm: Check in and briefing

7:30pm: Shower and parent pick up


Frankland Islands Day Trip

8:15am: Check in at Turtle Islander boat, Deeral (45 minute drive from Cairns)

8:30am: Departure and morning tea. The crew will provide an outline of the day’s activities, including:

  • Guided snorkel tour
  • Lunch
  • Guided island walk with nature trail and treasure hunt
  • Certificate handout and awards

3:30-4pm: Return to Deeral


AquaQuest Day Trip

8am: Check in at Finger B, Cairns Marlin Marina and board AquaQuest

8.30am: Depart Cairns and receive safety briefings as we travel to the outer reef

10am: Arrive at first snorkel and dive site

12.45pm: Move to second site and enjoy lunch

1.30pm: Continue diving and snorkelling

3pm: Depart reef site

4.30pm: Arrive in Cairns

Additional info

Medical Information

Please note some medical conditions including asthma and ADD medication may prevent your child from diving. A medical statement must be filled out for each participant. Please contact us before booking if you have any queries.